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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our guide.. This you will find detailed about our service of intermediate the process of connecting to your site with
FTP(File Transfer Protocol)..
You can edit your site using any mobile phone compatible (x)html and css.(JavaScript support is not needed unless for the button)..
Use this ftp at your own risk.. and dont forget to logout after use this service,coz by pressing logout all cookies will be automatically deleted and no user data where saved on this service..!!
- - -
1. Logout
2. Folder/Directory
3. File
4. Create file/folder
5. File editing
7. View list
8. Import
9. Upload
10. ZIP,TAR archives
11. With selected elements
12. Syntax check
- - -
You can enter to ftp client by typing url like this:

This is most important chapters of the guide,to which will be automatically redirected when you click the link °Help Guide° or °Help° of the top of screen before you enter to this ftp service and after you logging in.. If you're think this service is helpfull,you can add this link to your site page
The code you could add is: